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Looking to name your tables, here's some inspiration!

Gone are the days of traditional table numbers, couples are looking to personalise as many aspects of their wedding day as possible and having a personal link to your table names is a great way to incorporate your personalities into the day (and they can also be great conversation starters too!)

· The most popular choice is destinations you’ve both visited during your time together, whether its countries you’ve gone on holiday together, pubs where you’ve had dates or places you plan to visit together – there are plenty of options. You could even name your top table with your honeymoon destination or even your wedding venue!

· Flowers – the names of the flowers within your bouquet and/or table decorations are a lovely way to tie together your table names with your flowers.

· Pets – now this one could be tricky dependant on how many pets you have, however if you have 8 or so pets (even if you have fish!) you can use the table names to have your furry/non-furry loved ones to be there in spirit on the day.

· Favourite TV Shows/Movies/Songs – naming the tables after some of your favourite shows or films is a great talking point for the guests and brings your personalities into the day too. Just be careful as to who you put on which table if you’re going down the lines of ‘Sex and the City’ or ‘Love Island’ – the last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is explaining to Great Aunt Hillary what happens on ‘Love Island’!

· If you would prefer table numbers, why not put a photograph of you both at those ages (i.e. Table 1 would have a photograph of you both at 1 year old – cute!)

· Your favourite drinks – Cosmopolitan, Espresso Martini, Margarita… you could even tie these in with your favours by providing a corresponding drinks voucher for the guests.

· Words or extracts from your Vows to add a touch of extra romance! Or maybe you’ve sent each other love letters/notes throughout your time together?

There are so many options! But having table names will provide you with an extra touch of personalisation and a great way to engage your guests on the day.


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