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How to Incorporate Something Old, Something New into your Wedding Day…

We all know the time-old tradition; ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed & Something Blue and a Silver Sixpence in her shoe’ so how can you incorporate this tradition into your modern day wedding? There are the obvious options for this popular tradition such as the ‘new’ dress, the ‘borrowed’ necklace and the ‘blue’ garter, but there are many other ways of incorporating this tradition into your wedding day…

How to Incorporate Something Old, Something New into your Wedding Day…

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Authors Bio: Vivienne May Weddings was founded and created by Kerrie May. With over 8 years of experience in the luxury wedding & event industry, Kerrie has worked at some of the UK’s most iconic venues alongside a selection of renowned industry professionals and worked with a selection of high-net worth couples.

Kerrie is a UK Wedding Planner and has a distinctive reputation amongst her fellow luxury wedding professionals. Her wealth of experience, industry knowledge and unrivalled passion for bringing her clients vision to life is what drives her to plan impeccably designed, style-led and perfectly co-ordinated weddings, with romance at it’s heart.


The history behind this tradition comes from the 19th Century as is popular in the UK and America. The rhyme is said to bring good luck for the entirety of a couples married life together and originally it was the Brides outfit and accessories that would follow the tradition but fast-forward to the 21st Century and there are so many more ways you can incorporate this into your wedding day.

How to Incorporate Something Old, Something New into your Wedding Day…

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Something Old - This signifies the continuity with the Bride's family and her past.

  • One of your Grandmas, Mothers or Aunts broaches or favourite pieces of Jewellery (attach this to your dress/bouquet or wear it for a beautiful piece of history added to your day).

  • A reading from your parents or best friends wedding day – how lovely would it be to add a touch of marriage history to your ceremony.

  • A locket with a photograph of you both together on your first date – too cute!

  • If your or your fiancé are into vintage cars, this is a great addition to add to your day (and looks amazing in photographs too.

  • The most traditional ‘Something Old’ was the Bride wearing her Mothers wedding dress however we all know that styles have evolved quite a bit since 30+ years ago but you could still give a nod to your Mothers dress by either choosing the same neckline for example. You could even wear her veil if you love adding a vintage touch to your dress.

  • And we can’t leave the Grooms out of this tradition, you could gift him some new cufflinks or tie bar to match his outfit.

How to Incorporate Something Old, Something New into your Wedding Day…

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Something New - This symbolises positivity and hope for the Bride's new life ahead with her new partner.

  • Choose a new shade of eyeshadow for your day that you haven’t worn before (a small but crucial part to your big look).

  • By the end of your wedding day you will have a new surname, so why not have your new initials (plus your partners) embroidered into your dress or veil.

  • Here’s an idea for those needing to give your partner a hint to surprise you on your wedding day – a new bracelet, necklace or pair of earrings would be a lovely surprise! You could even suggest a sapphire or blue topaz incorporated into the jewellery – this also ties in the ‘Something Blue’ too!

  • Are you having a cake topper? This could be your ‘Something New’.

  • What about a Cocktail Hour with some new cocktails that you haven’t tried before – you might even find your new favourite drink.

  • Looking for an idea for a Grooms ‘Something New’? It is most likely that his suit and shows will be new but if you’re still looking for ideas,

How to Incorporate Something Old, Something New into your Wedding Day…

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Something Borrowed - This is traditionally given from a happily married friend or family member to the Bride, signifying passing their good luck in marriage over to the new married couple.

  • Why not ask your family what perfume they wore on their big day and borrow that scent. (Remember to try it out beforehand though to make sure it doesn’t cause an unexpected reaction!)

  • If you have a family member that had a beautiful cake knife for cutting their wedding cake you could ask to borrow this to cut your own cake.

  • If you are opting for a traditional wedding, ask if you could borrow your Mothers, Aunts, or Grandmothers veil – they would be overjoyed just by you asking.

  • All brides should have an ‘SOS’ kit for the day (filled with makeup, plasters, headache tablets etc.) but why not see if you can borrow one of your stylish friends’ clutch bags? (You never know, they may forget that you borrowed it!)

  • Do your parents remember their first dance song? This is a lovely touch to borrow for your own first dance.

  • Are you and your family huge lovers of cooking and/or baking? You could always borrow a family recipe to make your favours, or perhaps you have a favourite family recipe that you could use for your evening food too.

  • Time for the Grooms ‘Something Borrowed’, perhaps his Father, Uncle or Grandfather has a special handkerchief that he can borrow for the day – a lovely sentimental touch too.

How to Incorporate Something Old, Something New into your Wedding Day…

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Something Blue - This was the traditional colour for wedding dresses until Queen Victoria got married in a white gown. Blue was a symbol of purity, hence the choice for the Bride’s dress to be blue.

  • If your wedding theme has blue incorporated, for example; blue flowers, blue bridesmaids dresses then you can already check this one off the list!

  • When you are getting ready with your Bridal Party on the morning, you could gift them personalised, blue silk bathrobes – these will look stunning in your ‘getting ready’ photographs too.

  • You could even have blue shoes if you want a ‘pop’ of blue hiding under your dress!

  • If your looking for touching ways of remembering a loved one, you could ask a seamstress to sew a square of blue fabric (from their favourite shirt or top) inside your dress to know that they are with you throughout the day.

  • What about a blue handkerchief? Something to add into your SOS Bag too, that then stays with you throughout the day.

  • Finding a Grooms’ ‘Something Blue’ can be difficult (especially if you haven’t got any blue in your colour theme) but it can be as simple as blue socks if you’re still looking for ideas).

And don’t forget the Silver Sixpence in your shoe. Traditionally gifted by the Father of the Bride, it symbolises him wishing the Bride love, prosperity and happiness in her marriage.

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