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How to host the perfect Micro Wedding

There’s no question that the Wedding Industry has been severely hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only is it is heart-breaking to see so many couples who have had to make the tough decision to postpone their wedding day, but the frustration of not knowing if their new wedding date will go ahead is a huge weight on couples’ shoulders. That’s why many couples are choosing a Micro Wedding in 2021 and here’s some of my top tips for creating your perfect intimate wedding whilst incorporating aspects of your original big-day plans.

There will be millions of questions circling around in your head at the moment if you are considering scaling down your day; Who do I invite/uninvite? Will my current venue be too big now? Will my suppliers be flexible? The list is endless! So my first tip…

(1) Start from scratch (well, sort of…) – Most couples looking to scale down to the current Governments maximum guest numbers will already have booked their venue, photographer, florist, musicians etc. so you are already in front with the planning process. This gives you a great base to resume your plans and take the next steps.

(2) The Guestlist – this is perhaps the hardest decision for couples to make; Who do I uninvite? And will they understand? (Of course they will!) If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to be patient, accepting and understanding. Everyone is getting used to this ‘new normal’ and your guests will 100% understand the stress that you are both going through at this moment in time, therefore the last thing that they would want for you is to place you under more pressure. If you’re struggling to get the guest numbers down from your original list, each write your top guests in order of importance to you and the reasons why – this will help distinguish the true meaning behind a wedding day and the love you share for one another and each others loved ones. Some couples choose to keep the ceremony as family only to avoid any issues with choosing between friends and family, or you could each invite a friend to be your Chief Bridesmaid and Best Man and keep the remaining guests as family. Remember, it’s your day, your decisions are more important than ever before as each decision has a greater meaning.

(3) The Venue – If you are scaling down a wedding from 100 to 15 guests your chosen venue may be too big for a micro wedding however some venues might be able to offer you smaller areas to hire (which makes the planning a bit easier!) If you however have a venue which only has large event spaces, this is where creativity kicks in. Having a large space means you can divide the areas into different (but still intimate) parts for your day. For example if the bar area is in a separate room to your main wedding room, ask if you could close it off and have a portable bar in one corner of your main wedding area. Not only does this stop guests spreading out across different rooms but it also adds atmosphere to your main space. You could then hire some comfy sofas, chairs and tables to place around the bar area to fill the space. Another section of the room could be separated by flower walls (also a perfect backdrop for photographs!) You could also have a games section to keep your guests entertained throughout the day – there are so many options! The main thing to remember here though is the logistics; make sure it flows seamlessly from one area to the next. And if you fancy going the extra mile, consider a theme for the areas (i.e. around the world in one day – pizzas in an Italian themed dining room anyone?)

(4) Food & Drink – aside from the venue hire this tends to be the next most expensive area for the day but only catering for a lower amount of guests means you can go all out! Most venues/caterers provide a standard 3 course meal however you could now add a sorbet or cheese course (or both!) You can literally eat like royalty for the day. And then comes the drinks… why not upgrade your Prosecco or Champagne to your favourite cocktails? Or have a themed Whiskey & Cigar Bar? The possibilities are endless!

(5) The Details – This is where the larger weddings can spend hundreds, if not thousands on attention to detail (from charger plates, to crockery/cutlery/glassware, to favours, there are many options to consider). But with only a small number of guests this is your chance to move the budget around to concentrate on the décor. Think crystal glassware, gold plated cutlery, vintage charger plates and personalised favours – it adds another level to your design and guests will be wowed by the attention to detail that you have put into the décor too!

(6) The Flowers – All of my couples know how obsessed I am with flowers and please don’t underestimate the impact of real, fresh flowers on your wedding day (no matter the size/budget). When it comes to your Wedding Breakfast it is likely that you will only be decorating 1 or 2 tables but there are also other areas to consider decorating to add extra depth to your space. You may have a Stately Home with an ornate fireplace that you could decorate with flowers and candles, or perhaps a Barn venue where you could use rustic props such as barrels, ladders and wheelbarrows as a base to intertwine flowers into.

(7) The Speeches – For those of you who aren’t fans of public speaking in front of lots of people, a micro wedding is a huge bonus. But what happens when you’ve planned to tell a few jokes or need a bit of cheering on from a larger audience to create atmosphere? Why not ask one of your guests to play ‘cheering’ or ‘laughing’ sounds through a speaker as an extra level of encouragement (you could even have the occasional ‘tumble-weed’ sound to add a bit of humour too!)

(8) The First Dance – With the current rules live music and dancing is banned but why not have an area set aside (or even position your tables with a space in the middle for your guests to see you enjoy that special moment together), just remember to take some speakers if your venue doesn't provide these!

(9) The Evening Reception – You’ve had the perfect intimate day so far but you are still missing the company of your friends and family that can’t be there with you to share your special day… But wait… Do I hear a Zoom Cocktail Hour calling? That’s right! Why not send out invites to your guests to join in on a Wedding Zoom call – they get to see you in your beautiful outfits, get a sneak-peak of your venue and celebrate with you (all whilst being in the comfort of their own home). It’s the perfect excuse for your guests to get dressed up and grab a drink (or two) whilst they share part of the day with you. You could even send them a quiz sheet in advance for them to answer questions about you both – a great way for your Zoom guests to get to know you both even better than they did before!

(10) Finally, if you are lucky enough to have a venue that allows fireworks, why not go out with a bang!

As you can see there are so many ways to keep your original plans in place but just on a smaller scale. Anyway, who says you can’t have a huge anniversary party when we’re back to our ‘old normal’?