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Post-Wedding Admin: Where to start...

The planning has all paid off, the day was filled with love and laughter, the honeymoon was the perfect escape and you have a new second name! However with your exciting new name comes a bundle of admin work to be done (alongside the standard Post-Wedding Admin), here’s a helpful list of where to start…

  • Send Thank You cards to your guests for the lovely gifts and well-wishes.

  • Have your dress and suit dry-cleaned and purchase storage boxes for them to be stored in safely.

  • Review your photographs and order your favourites! (Don’t forget to organise a viewing party with close friends and family too!)

  • Chase any refundable damage deposits from your suppliers.

  • If you are having your Honeymoon a few months after your Wedding Day, change your Passport if you haven’t already changed this prior to your wedding (note: you can do this up to 3 months prior to your Ceremony!)

  • Change your name with the DVLA for your tax and driving licence.

  • Don’t forget to update your local Council for the Electoral Register and Council Tax.

  • Your Employer will also need to update your new name for payroll.

  • All monthly outgoings which you are the named account holder – Utility, Phone, TV, Broadband, Mortgage, Insurances, Student Loans, Car Payments etc.

  • Your Doctor & Dental Surgery will need your new name too.

  • Ensure your Bank Accounts have your new name (all credit/debit cards will need your new name on as well).

  • Update your Wills to ensure both of you are covered in any unfortunate circumstances.

  • Update your House Contents Insurance to cover any expensive wedding gifts and also cover your Wedding rings if you haven't already.

And finally, breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy that well-deserved glass of champagne!


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