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Creative Ways to Announce your Engagement

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! You are most likely to still be on cloud 9 and have already made the announcement to your inner circle but how can you announce it to others who you love too? Here’s a pick of my favourite ways to announce that you are getting married!

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Authors Bio: Vivienne May Weddings was founded and created by Kerrie May. With over 8 years of experience in the luxury wedding & event industry, Kerrie has worked at some of the UK’s most iconic venues alongside a selection of renowned industry professionals and worked with a selection of high-net worth couples.

Kerrie is a UK Wedding Planner and has a distinctive reputation amongst her fellow luxury wedding professionals. Her wealth of experience, industry knowledge and unrivalled passion for bringing her clients vision to life is what drives her to plan impeccably designed, style-led and perfectly co-ordinated weddings, with romance at it’s heart.


Reveal on Social Media

Take a ‘before the ring is on photograph’ of you both, then the next photograph you have the ring on as if it appeared by magic! You can then post this on social media as a reveal moment.

Professional Photographs

If you had a photographer capture the exciting moment then you will of course have professional photographs that you can use to share on social media however if you also have video footage that captures the raw emotions, you could upload the video to your soon-to-be wedding website – a lovely piece of history that your guests can see too!

Celebrity Wedding Planners, Award Winning Wedding Planners, Vivienne May Weddings

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A Christmas Proposal

If you are proposed to in the festive season, why not purchase personalised baubles like this one from Etsy. You can place them in luxury boxes and gift to your loved ones at Christmas time.

A Movie Night

If you were proposed to whilst on holiday, you could host a ‘Post-Holiday Screening where you invite all of your family and friends around to view your holiday snaps, then at the end of the photographs, pop on the picture of the moment you or your partner said ‘Yes!’ (Don’t forget to serve some snacks and nibbles too – you could even get the popcorn out!)

Ask your Pets to Help!

What about a little help from a furry friend? There’s always ways to get your dogs involved, they could wear a personalised jumper that breaks the news (and watch how long it takes for someone to notice!)

Postcard Announcement

If you want to make a more formal announcement you could create a bespoke card or postcard with a photograph of your engagement on and post it to those you wish to share the happy news with.

Celebrity Wedding Planners, Award Winning Wedding Planners, Vivienne May Weddings

Photo Credit: Etsy

It's a Sign!

What about a sign? There are so many out there (and you may even have one at home you can use). From lightboxes, to chalkboards, to even using some scrabble pieces to spell out the perfect phrases to bring your personalities to the forefront of your announcement.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Are you both actors or models? Why not recreate the exact moment on film then send out to your friends and families for them to swoon over! (You could even keep the suspense by cutting it at the moment your partner pops the question, then switch to a recording of you both speaking to the camera with ‘Of course I said yes!’

Celebrate in Style

Finally, consider hosting a party. You could even pretend it’s a House Warming Party, or a Birthday Celebration, then you can both make the announcement together in front of your nearest and dearest.

Bonus Tip for anyone proposing to their partner: make sure they have had their nails done, the last thing your partner will want is to have chipped nails in all of your photographs!

And finally, having a Planner means that you can enjoy your Engagement without the stress of planning a once-in-a-lifetime event. So sit back, grab the bubbly and contact me here for more information on how I can bring your dream day can come to life.

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