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How do I keep my guests entertained throughout the day?

Think about when you’ve been to weddings or events before and what it was like being a guest. Was there a bundle of entertainment to keep you amused or were your clock-watching all day for the next event to happen? Here’s some simple ideas to stop guests minds wondering...

Start with an Order of the Day sign – This allows your guests to see how the day is planned which ensures your guests are well-informed about the days timings. Remember to place your Order of the Day where the Drinks Reception will be hosted as this will give the guests a heads-up of the timings of the day.

Now you’ve got your Wedding Day schedule planned out, it's time to look at the obvious gaps. The first is the guests arrival, if your guests are travelling from afar it is likely they will arrive at the venue early and the last thing you want is your guests to be left stranded outside or in the ceremony room whilst the decorators are still there. Consider hiring a room for your guests arrival with a tea and coffee station, pastries (if an early ceremony) and some cosy chairs to relax in before the ceremony.

After your Ceremony is your drinks reception, this can be the part of the day where many couples struggle to decide on the best entertainment to amuse their guests. The more traditional options of a string quartet, pianist or acoustic band are perfect for background music whilst providing a relaxed atmosphere. But remember some drinks receptions can last up to 2 hours! Think about interactive entertainment such as a photobooth, a ‘Pimp your Prosecco’ station, or even a caricaturist. Any one of these will provide a memorable and entertaining option to keep your guests amused.

During your wedding breakfast always consider background music. It’s unlikely that your guests will be sitting in silence during the meal however simple background music adds a further soundtrack to your wedding day.

After the speeches there usually tends to be an hour or so gap before your evening guests arrive and this is the hardest part of the day to fill. This is when you want to start the pre-reception party, so think about a cocktail hour (and don’t forget to name them after yourselves!) Or even a glitter artist who can prep the ladies (and gentlemen) with an added sparkle to your evening. If you want to continue the interactive options, what about a casino roulette table, giant whack-a-moles or even go old-school with some slot machines and juke box! The possibilities are endless!

Then once you are into your first dance, you can leave it up to the DJ or band to take over!


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